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Adam Levine (right) is a Los Angeles native and lifelong Clippers fan, having been a season ticket holder since 1999. He maintains that Eric Piatkowski is the best shooter he's ever seen in his life, and he can't decide who the best looking Clipper of all time is... Marco Jaric or Corey Maggette. He's known by Clipper fans as the guy who was called a "fucking moron" by Coach Dunleavey during the 4th quarter of a game. The only Clipper, past or present, that Adam despises is point guard Andre Miller, "who brings new meaning the to the word 'cancer.'"

Vince Robbins (left) is also an LA native and became enamored with the Clippers during the mini-showtime lineup featuring Q-Rich, Lamar, and Darius Miles. Vince joined up with Adam as a season ticket holder in 2009, solidifying his stake in Clipper Nation. Prior to Chris Paul joining the Clippers, Vince, in line at In N' Out Burger in Las Vegas, once asked CP to join his park-league basketball team in LA. Although Chris politely declined, it's definitely possible that the offer ultimately factored into his decision to come to LA. Vince also has an odd obsession with former Clippers Keith Closs and Shaun Livingston.

Scott Lerner is a former pseudo-basketball-following-Flaker "fan" turned Clipper enthusiast. His venture into Clipper Nation started a few years back when he realized he couldn't / didn't want afford tickets to any Lakers games, but discovered he could see basketball games in LA for more affordable prices. Since his first Clipps game, he's been hooked. The sense of community amongst Clippers fans, the exciting young talent, and the slightly depressing melodrama of the franchise kept him coming back for more. He had the BG Clippers hat before the "Whole Foods Parking Lot" video came out.

Alexander Dardick is a "contributor" to the site and recovering Laker fan who turned on the franchise more because of the hate-ability of its fan-base than anything else. A sports fanatic, Alex just loves to watch good teams compete on a high level, and has no qualms showing off his one-way ticket on the Miami Heat bandwagon. He spends busy hours each day on the couch combing every last word of ESPN and sports forums. He also has an aptitude for taking extremely creepy photographs.

Contributing Writers:

Alex Goglia - He puts the NBA in NYC... If that makes any sense.
Jhony Gutierrez - Esteemed author of It Counts, And the Foul!

We write about the Los Angeles Clippers and the NBA. Lob City is what motivates us, Clipper Nation is who supports us. Thank you.