Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breaking News: Hip to Clipp Not Dead

This photo is irrelevant and only to attract readers to the page.
We've received numerous letters, e-mails, tweets, smoke signals, and frantic late night phone calls from fans around the league terrified that something had gone terrible wrong.

No hilariously self-depricating tweets? No long-winded posts exposing life-long Clipper icons as frauds? Not even the lazy YouTube video posts?

(Okay, okay... we were responding to @ClipsGirl's Direct Messages on Twitter…What?)

But we're here to clear the air. We're not dead, and neither are the Clippers. We just had a rough March; twenty Clippers' games, the death of Whitney, the premier of The Hunger Games, two girlfriend break-ups, Passover / Easter, a pregnancy scare, Attention Deficit Disorder, and a lot of whiskey…How were we supposed to find time to write?

But the playoffs are close at hand, and your trusty Clipper friends / mentors / icons are here, right by your side, to hold your hand during this unfamiliar time. Although the 2006 playoffs feel like yesterday, it was a long time ago, and our team and fan base have changed. Clipper Nation must stand together, stronger than ever, and ride this magic carpet ride as far as we can.

Hip to Clipp is back.

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