Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome Home Nick!

Apart from convincing the Celtics to trade Ray Allens, picking up Nick Young was about as good as the Clippers could have done before the deadline without unloading Eric Bledsoe, who has shown lately that he is worth hanging on to.

 Ever since Chauncey went down, the Clipps have looked mediocre; losing 10 out of 19 games, including last night's pathetic loss to the Suns without Steve Nash and Grant Hill. There's much to be said about what is lost when a guy like Chauncey Billups is nixed from the equation, however one of the biggest glaring holes he left was the lack of a shooting guard who could spread the floor on offense. Our current back court features Chris Paul, Mo Williams, Randy Foye, and Eric Bledsoe, all of whom are point guards. Nick Young, with his 6'7'' frame and 16.6 points per game, gives the Clippers a guy who is dangerous from the corner and can create his own shots. With a guy like Young spreading the floor, hopefully we can expect Caron's weak-side-automatic 15 footer to come back from hibernation, more space for Paul and Griffin to run pick-and-rolls, and even a little more inside-outside with Deandre Jordan who has been showing some effectiveness in the post on offense.

Although the signing of Young doesn't really address the Clippers glaring defensive weakness (ranked 22nd in the league), at least his 6'7'' length and wide wing-span will be more effective against bigger shooting guards that are difficult for guys like Mo Williams and Randy Foye to match up against. According to the LA Times, it's looking like Nick Young will start over Foye, which is going to make Vinny Del Negro's often indiscernible rotations and minute distributions even more tricky... Let's hope he can handle it.

Nick Young, raised in LA and a former USC star, has got to be happy to be coming home. We're happy to have him!

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