Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ray Allen: The Final(s) Piece?

Staff writer Adam Levine takes us through a few trade options to address the Clippers glaring need for a 2-guard.

Neil Olshey has to be the favorite for GM of the year. With the rushed free-agency period and the last minute Chris Paul trade, the Clippers had a major gap—depth in the frontcourt. With the signings of new fan-favorite Reggie Evans and former all-star Kenyon Martin, the problem was solved. After Chauncey Billups’ season-ending injury, the Clippers have been a .500 team, and the lack of a decent size shooting guard is as glaring as it was at the beginning of the season. After playing with the ESPN trade machine for a few hours, here are some tips for Mr. Olshey to acquire a shooting guard to help with the playoff run this season. These are realistic trades that would help both teams. We’re not the Laker blog, who still think they’re trading Pau Gasol for Derron Williams, Rajon Rondo, and Dwight Howard.

Rent-a-Player Trades- Trades the Clipeprs can make for a Big Mac

Deshawn Stevenson for a 2nd Round Pick and a Trade Exception
Stevenson isn’t playing much for one of the worst teams in basketball. Keep in mind that a year ago he was the starting shooting guard for the champion Mavericks. He is a fantastic defensive player and effective three-point shooter at times. When there are strong presences in the locker room, Stevenson’s negative personality issues have never come to fruition.

Anthony Parker for a 2nd Round Pick and a Trade Exception
The Cavaliers owe us after the trade last season. Giving them what would be the first round pick in the Mo Williams/Baron Davis deal, the Cavaliers have started to rebuild nicely. Anthony Parker is veteran shooting guard who would be an upgrade both sides of the floor. Parker doesn’t seem to fit into the Cavs plans next year, so they might as well ship him off and save some money.

Michael Redd for a 2nd Round Pick and a Trade Exception
After devastating injuries, the former all-star and team USA member is back with the Suns. In his last 10 games, Redd is showing glimpses of why he use to one of the premiere shooters in the league in limited action. If the Suns decide they are going to clean house and start over, the Clippers would be crazy if they went interested in trying to obtain Grant Hill’s one year contract as well.

Gamble Trades- Taking a chance on Players who can take the team to the next level

CJ Miles for Eric Bledsoe and Ryan Gomes
CJ Miles would be a nice fit for the Clippers. Miles is averaging almost 10 points a game and is able to guard the 1,2 and 3 positions. The Jazz are falling in the standings and are not confident in starting point guard Devin Harris. They would definitely want Eric Bledsoe in return. If the Clippers are willing to include Bledsoe in the deal, they may be able to get the Jazz to take Ryan Gomes who has joined Brian Cook as a fixture on the Staples Center bench. If the Clippers don’t resign Miles, they save money in this trade, which will help them go after an even better free agent guard (Ray Allen!) in the off-season.

Steven Jackson for Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes
Every time Jackson is on a good team, he becomes a great leader, a clutch shooter, and starts playing defense. Joining Chris Paul in the backcourt, Jackson should be that player once again. His contract has one year left on it, which expires when the Blake Griffin gets his max deal. The Clippers would send the expiring Randy Foye contract and Ryan Gomes who has 1 year left, but makes half of what Jackson is making. If the Bucks are looking to dump Jackson, this could be logical.

The Homerun and The Perfect Fit

Ray Allen for Eric Bledsoe, Randy Foye, Trey Thompkins, and 2014 First Round Pick
As much as I loved Chauncey playing alongside Paul on the Clippers, Ray Allen would be the perfect last piece for the Clippers. If he is taken off the market by the Celtics, the Clippers should do everything they can to sign him in the off-season. If the Celtics decide to have a fire sale at the deadline, hopefully this package of young assets and expiring contracts can do the trick.

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