Saturday, March 17, 2012

Memoirs of a Clipp-Slump

You're saying something... But I'm not listening...
The Clippers are only the 29th team in NBA history to play 20 games in one month. Clearly it's no easy task, as we've dropped two winnable home games in as many nights. Coming off a long and mediocre road trip, during which they posted losses to three non-playoff teams, the Clippers looked equally sluggish in their much anticipated homecoming: losing to both the Warriors and the Celtics, bouncing back to beat the Hawks, and then dropping the worse loss of the season to the Suns B-Squad.

Onward we trudge through, each night hoping to turn things around for the long haul. Some things on our minds during this 6-game whirlwind of a week:

  • Did the Monstars from Spacejam steal Caron Butler's powers? Or is it the fact that with Chauncey down, he isn't getting as many weak-side open looks? Will Nick Young help this?
  • Why so many Bobby Simmons minutes? (Especially in crunch time)
  • Daylight savings time change: Clippers are still adjusting!
  • We are 4-6 since the Clipper Darrell drama. He's back. As usual. After two weeks of national media crazyness... Who came out on top here? Yes, Clipper Darrell.
  • What's with Vinny's rotations? The entire second unit in during the fourth quarter of a game which you go on to lose to a stripped down Suns team? Has the #FireVinny movement begun?
  • Is K-Mart's 18-20 foot jumper back? That would be huge. Still waiting for Kenyon to really arrive.

We're hoping that the deadline-signing of 6'6'' shooting guard Nick Young will help solve some of the problems the Clippers have been dealing with over the last few weeks. Since Chauncey Billups went down, the Clipps have been lacking a real shooter who can spread the floor. Granted, Mo Williams has been, albeit somewhat streaky, lighting it up from outside, we still need the kind of spread-the-floor type of shooter that Nick Young has shown he can be. 

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