Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Baron Saying?

Foreword: Linsanity, as it is not Clipper-related, has been largely avoided on our blog. But, as he is a former Clipper, New York Knick Baron Davis is still fair game...

We've seen it a hundred times. Baron Davis is the type of player who likes to lead. He likes to pull guys aside, into little huddles, and whisper sweet somethings into their ears; possibly they are words of encouragement or strategy.

But with the way Baron's performance has been on the court over the last few years, we have to beg the obvious question: what could Baron possibly be saying in these little pow wows?

"Hey, Tyson, Landry... C'mere. You guys should come to my table tonight, two bottles of Grey Goose, the whole team is coming. You guys down?"

"Pssst.. Jeremy. Look, kid, you're doin' great out there. I'm thinkin' we make a movie out of this thing... Call it 'The Linpire Strikes Back' what do you think? I'm a producer ya know..."

"Look, D'Antoni, no more than 12 minutes tonight, k? I had a huge lunch."

"Allstar weekend is gonna be sick, guys... What? No, I'm not playing, I'm promoting at Pure and Hyde..."

"Guys you should see the contract Li-Ning gave me, y'all are trippin with Nike lol"

"Circle up, guys, circle up tight... Listen... I've only taken 9 shots this quarter. What's the deal fellas?"

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