Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Mo' Mo

Staff writer Vince Robbins responds to T.J. Simers' article "Mo Williams hurting himself and Clippers with selfish attitude."

It seems as though Mo Williams slept with T.J. Simers' girlfriend or kidnapped his dog. While this article definitely sheds light on an elephant in the room, I'm not sure that the elephant is quite as woolly, tusked, and dangerous as Simers makes it seem. T.J. is known for being Mr. Negative, and in usual form, for unknown reasons, he clearly has an ax to grind. 

Simers takes Mo's comment, "I just want to know where I stand with the Clippers," to mean that he is only thinking about himself when he should be basking in the fun-loving glory dream land that is the Lob City Clippers. 

"Here I am in the middle of a fairy tale, with the Clippers playing like champions, only to stumble across a stereotypical selfish athlete hell-bent on making a fool of himself."

Exactly, T.J. You're in the middle of a fairy tale. We're dealing with professional athletes here, not non-profit social workers. Mo Williams, a career starter, has been thrust into a situation where he's knee-deep in a harem of all-star, and even hall-of-fame, point guards. When Mo says, "I just want to know where I stand," Simers translates that to  dollar signs in Mo's eyes.  Couldn't you also translate that too, "I want to play... I don't know where I stand. I could be traded tomorrow. I could be traded next week or before March 15, [the trade deadline], or before next season. They aren't going to trade Blake Griffin." No translation needed. Those are quotes from Mo that I took straight from Simers' article. Maybe I'm being too lenient on Mo, and of course he's an ego-maniacal professional athlete who's been praised his whole life, but why jump on the attack so viciously? This seems to be a minor example of an age-old problem with selfishness in professional athletes, but we've seen far worse selfishness before (think: Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Latrell Sprewell, Baron Davis, etc.) 

Like Mo said, Blake Griffin isn't going anywhere. Simers responds that Mo isn't on Blake's level. He's right,  but you also have Deandre Jordan who was just offered a lucrative 4-year extension, and Chris Paul who is obviously untradeable,  and Chauncey Billups who the Clippers picked up on an amnesty steal, and Eric Bledsoe who is still on his rookie contract... With all these players who have a much stronger hold on this dream-situation, why not be a little bit uncomfortable? Mo's situation is definitely not secure, which is the nature of professional sports, but why shouldn't he be honest with his insecurities?

And how has Mo reacted to this situation? Has he mailed it in and pouted his way to an under-performing start to the season? No, he's averaged 14 points and almost 4 assists in an average of under 28 minutes per game. He's doing what he needs to do on the court for the most part. What do you expect off the court, the Nobel Peace Prize? Until he starts to really sabotage the team, I'm not going to go on the serious attack mode. 

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  1. Not sure TJ deserves a response from hiptoclipp...a bit above his pay grade!