Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clippers Alumni Update Part 2

Staff writer Adam Levine takes us through a quick "Where Are They Now?" of Clippers Alumni...

"Jumpin" James Singleton (2005-2007) was a member of the Clippers during their last playoff run. Whenever the team had an injury in the front court, Singleton would not only play, but he would play well. He became a Clipper Nation fan favorite with his aggressive rebounding, defense, and exciting dunks. After bouncing around the league, playing limited minutes in Dallas and Washington, he is finally appreciated in China where he is playing with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. 

Sam Cassell (2005-2008)  was the captain of the team at age 36, and the most clutch player during the playoff run in 2006. After fading away in Boston, Cassel is in his third season as the the Washington Wizards assistant coach. Cassell could be a head coach by the end of the season because the Wizards coach, Flip Saunders, has been fired by the Timberwolves and Pistons despite having stellar rosters (and now the Wizards...big surprise).

Elton Brand (2001-2008) is the perfect example of the why, in the last 20 years, the Clippers haven't lost any player to free agency that wasn't worth loosing. Despite all efforts to sign the all-star and franchise player in the summer of 2008, Brand not only lead the Clippers to believe he would sign with them, but talked former friend Baron Davis into signing with the team as well. We all know how that turned out. Thanks Elton! Well, thanks to karma and nagging injuries, Brand is owed $35 million over the next two seasons and is averaging just over 10 points per game for the Philadelphia 76ers.

"Slick" Sebastian Telfair (2009-2011) is a solid backup point guard in the NBA. Instead of playing him constant minutes backing up Baron Davis, Mike Dunleavy  chose to play a slow, ineffective, boring, non shooting threat, Marty Collins. What else would we expect from coach Dumb-Leavy. Telfair is currently playing a dozen mediocre minutes a game for Phoenix. He still has a great name though!

Craig Smith (2009-2011) either ate a lot this summer or the black and red Portland Trail Blazers uniforms are not too slimming. After signing in Portland this off season, I was upset to see the Clippers lose a fan favorite and effective scorer/rebounder off the bench, but with how out of shape and ineffective he looked against a player that could make me look like force inside, Brian Cook, I'm over it. He isn't doing too much with the 11 minutes per game he's getting in Rip City, averaging a modest 4 points and 3 rebounds. Eh, whatever, we still have love for The Rhino!

Marcus Camby (2008-2010) is a player who would be welcomed on any team. He is a leader, is one of the best help defenders in the league, and is still effective starting for the Blazers. At age 37, he is still grabbing an impressive 9.5 rebounds in a limited 24 minutes per game. Camby was traded for cap space at the 2010 trade deadline. That summer, the Clippers used that cap space to land one of the huge available free agents: Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh, Lee, Johnson, or Gay... wait nevermind. 

Baron Davis (2008-2011) is doing what he has does best in the past few years. He is sitting on the bench with an awesome beard and a fancy suit. Wait, this just in: He's averaging 1.3 points, 3.3 assists, and 2.3 turn overs in three games with the Knicks this year. I take back everything negative I've ever said about Baron.

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