Monday, January 30, 2012

Beat the Zombie Sonics

Tonight the Clippers take on the very young and talented Oklahoma City Thunder, who have a solid stronghold on first-place in the west. This is a match-up that any true basketball fan can't help but love; two young, exciting teams that are actually good. Between Blake, CP3, Durant, and Westbrook, we're seeing a handful of the best basketball players in the world on the same floor, in their prime. Gotta love it.

OKC comes into this game 16-3, holding down the top-spot in the West, while the Clippers trail behind them in 3rd place with a record of 11-6. The Thunder are coming off a road win up north over the Warriors, where Durant dropped 37 points and grabbed 14 boards, while Westbrook put up 28 with 11 assists. Yeah, these guys are killin' it. If they come out looking like that against the Clippers, we are going to have to bring our A-game to come out with the W.

Clippers are coming off a big road win last night, where they took down 2nd place Denver on the road. Of course, back-to-back games with travel can be trying, so let's hope the Clipps were able to rest up enough to come out strong tonight.

As long-time NBA fans, we can't help but reflect on the "Zombie Sonics," as Bill Simmons calls them. You might not care, or remember, or know, but what happened to the Seattle Supersonics was just not right.  It may seem like beating a dead horse, but it's worth mentioning. Yes, sports franchises move, and such is the nature of the game - but this was different. It's worth checking out the documentary "Sonicsgate" to familiarize yourself with what really happened. (Note: completely unprovoked and honest endorsement of a good documentary.) This exciting, young team should have been in Seattle.

Having said that - Let's go Clipps!

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