Friday, January 6, 2012

All Time Clippers First Team Ugly

We also decided to piece together the ugliest Clippers lineup of all time...

Starting Lineup:
Sam Cassel (G) - He may be a good looking alien, but is definitely as a hall-of-fame ugly.
Andre Miller (G)- Ugly player, ugly personality.
Cherokee Parks (F)- The tatoos, the hair, the total ugly package.
Kieth Closs (F)- Ew. his freckles and hairstyle were even worse than his pay.
Chris Kaman (C)- If I have to explain this one to you, then your on the wrong site.


Brian Skinner - Think Keith Closs, but with better rebounding
Wang Zhi Zhi - He makes Yao Ming look like George Clooney.
Travis outlaw - Good thing we didn't have to look at him for too long.

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