Thursday, December 29, 2011

Draft Mishap: Part 1

As the self-deprecating Clipper fans that we are, we decided to take a look at all of the players we COULD have had in the 2005 NBA Draft... Instead of Yaroslav Korolev.

Do we blame Elgin Baylor or Mike Dunlevey for this pick? Some people gave the hall-of-famer the blame since he was the GM at the time of draft, however, as Dunlevey took over Baylors duties officially in the next year, it looked like he was calling the shots. He drafted the Eurpean version of his son. If Mike Dunlevery Jr. couldn't shoot and weighed 50 pounds less you would have Yaroslav Korolev. Since, the Clippers released him in 2008, Yaroslav Korolev hasn’t been on an NBA roster. Here are SOME of the NBA quality players (with where they were drafted in parenthesis)  that the Clippers could have had instead of the undeveloped project Mike Dunlevey could never develop. 

10. Nate Robinson (21) - Has bounced around but contributed to a few playoff teams.
9. Hakim Warrick (19) - Has had a steady career in Memphis as a backup versatile big man.
8. Jason Maxiel (26) - A defensive presence and starter at times for the Pistons.
7. Andre Blatche (49) - A fantasy stud last year avereging16.8 points and 8.2 rebounds.
8. Brandon Bass (33) - Has  looked great for the Celtics so far this season.
5. Jarret Jack (22) - Starting point guard for the Raptors and Hornets.
4. Louis Williams (45) - Has averaged double figures in scoring the past four seasons.
3. Monte Ellis (40)- Arguably one the league best scorers.
2. David Lee (30) - Signed a max contract last offseason with the Warriors.
1. Danny Granger (17) - This all star, USA player, and Pacer would have addressed the Clippers need for a small forward during this draft. Instead of taking the player NBA writers picked for the Clippers in mock drafts that year, they took Korolev.
Honorable mention- Joey Grahm (16), Francisco Garcia (23), Luther Head (24), Linas Kleiza (27), CJ Miles (34), Ronny Turiaf (37), Amir Johnson (56) Marcin Gortat (57)

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