Monday, December 26, 2011

All-Time Clippers First Team Handsome

We decided to piece together the starting five and reserves for the best looking Clippers team of all time...

Starting Lineup:
Chris Paul (PG) - One of the marquee smiles in NBA history.
Marco Jaric (SG) - He's married to Adriana Lima... Enough said.
Corey Maggette (SF) - Overall stud. Jacked and handsome. Gonna stop before I get carried away.
Elton Brand (PF) - Hate to admit it, cause he broke our hearts, but he's a handsome dude.
Lorenzen Wright (C) - R.I.P. to a good lookin' dude.

Darius Miles & Quentin Richardson - Just because of their charming chemistry.
Shaun Livingston - He's just so loveable/adorable.
Deandre Jordan - C'mon. You're telling me if you were a chick, he wouldn't melt you?

Honorable Mentions
Mo Williams - He's like a cute little kid. Gotta love him.
Marc Jackson - Not a total stunner, but his best looking days were in a Clipps uniform.
Lamar Odom - Lamaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

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